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​Articles of Interest

Downtown Jackson Partners is constantly networking with similar downtown associations across the country, sharing our experiences and benefiting from their's. In the process we have assembled articles of interest for our neighborhood.


Pinnacle Wins National Award!
Metro Jackson - Top 20 City for "Awesome" Economic Recovery
King Edward Named in 2010 Best of the Best Awards


After 30 Years of Bike/Ped Advocacy, How Far Have We Come
10 Techniques for Making Cities More Walkable
Make Way for People
Now Coveted: A Walkable, Convenient Place
NYC Study Finds Protected Bicycle Lanes Boost Local Business
Pedestrian Malls are So 20th Century
Walk this Way: The Economic Promise of Walkable Places in Metropolitan Washington, D.C.
Turns Out Bike Lanes Are Really Good for Local Business


Hinds County Brand Reveal

Creative Economy

Art museum receives $1M facilities grant
Creativity & Placemaking: Building Inspiring Centers of Culture
Cultivating Creativity
Your City is a Cultural Center: A Review of the 'Spacing Out' Forum

Department of Revenue

Cushman and Wakefield Study
DFA Letter to Governor Recommending Landmark Center
Governor Barbour Letter to Legislature
DOR Belongs in the Capital City - Clarion-Ledger
The MBJ View: Saving Downtown Jackson and big dollars to boot
CRAWFORD: Is everyone, including Phillip Gunn, a RINO these days - MBJ Business Blog
Best fiscal choice for state tax commission is to be in Jackson - MBJ Mind Over Money
Op-Ed MBJ: The shared fortunes of Jackson and its suburbs
A Letter to the Taxpayers of Mississippi - Clarion-Ledger
Are ulterior motives at play in move? - Natchez Democrat
Department of Revenue Belongs Downtown (Gov. William Winter) - Clarion-Ledger
Recommendation For New Department Of Revenue Site Expected As Early As Friday - Clarion-Ledger
Clinton’s South Pointe wins Department of Revenue headquarters bid - MBJ
Department of Revenue site choice irrational - Clarion-Ledger
Lease decision looks suspect - Greenwood Commonwealth


Whom Does Design Really Serve?

Downtown Jackson Projects

Farish Street Presentation
Heaven in Jackson: Saints undefeated and King Edward reopens!
Jewel of Jackson: King Edward Hotel
Museum Investment Seen As Boost For Downtown....
The Art Garden at the Mississippi Museum of Art is Under Construction
Why a Two-Way Capitol Street?

Downtown Jackson Businesses

Parkway Properties Welcomes Balch & Bingham, Unveils GodwinGroup Space

Downtown Revitalization

Downtowns Get a Fresh Lease ......
Downtown's Hidden Boom
For Creative Cities, the Sky Has Its Limit
In Oklahoma, Republicans Take Two Views Toward Taxes
Jackson Featured in "Architect Magazine"
Oklahoma City
Turning Around Downtown: Twelve Steps to Revitalization
Want better communities? Engage them better
America's most surprising real estate boom: Downtowns are on the rise - Forbes

Hotel Development

Hotels Hint at a Turnaround

Mixed-Used Development

The Smart Math of Mixed-Used Development

Newspaper Racks

New downtown newspaper racks!


New downtown parking meters to accept credit cards
'Smart' parking meters catching on across U.S.
Smart parking meters: That's the ticket
Solving the Parking Puzzle


From Park(ing) Day to Permit: San Francisco's Parklet Redefine Public Space
Less parking, more parklets
Pop-Up Cafe Expansion Faces Critical Community Board Vote Tonight


As Temp Rise, Cities Combat 'Heat Island' Effect

Performance Venues

In New York, Two Big Arts Institutions Go Small


Taxing non-profits Should high revenue groups pay for services?


In Philadelphia, a Porch for an Entire City
Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper: A Low-Cost, High-Impact Approach
Placemaking Chicago: Step-by-step guide
Placemaking Connects People to the Environment by Connecting Them to Each Other
Setting the Table, Making a Place: How Food Can Help Create a Multi-Use Destination
Streets as Places
Streets Can Be Public Spaces Too

Public Art

For Great Public Art, Bring in the Public
Complex Unveils Jackson's Newest Work of Art
Kinetic Vapor for Jackson Convention Complex NunoErin
Traffic Signal Boxes Become Artists' Canvases

Public Markets

How Markets Scale to Fit Communities: An Interview with Larry Lund
You Are Where You Eat: Re-Focusing Communities Around Markets

Real Estate

Crowdfunded Real Estate: Translating Buy Local Programs into Bricks-and-Mortar Projects
Study finds Jackson has lowest commercial real estate cost


People Live and Work in Downtown Pittsburgh. How Can the City Get Them to Shop There?