Living & Playing

Public Schools & Day Cares

Two day cares and an elementary school are located in the core of Downtown and are within walking distance of hundreds of apartments, 30 restaurants, and numerous public and private offices.

Barak H. Obama Magnet Elementary
Barak H. Obama Mangnet Elementary, a school with a recognized history of progressive education, is dedicated to providing students with a strong foundation for lifelong learning as well as the ability and desire to make a positive contribution to the shared humanity of our world. The school focuses on inquiry-based, transdisciplinary instructional experiences that bring the complex and challenging world to life in the classroom.
Barak H. Obama Magnet Elementary | 750 N. Congress Street | 601-960-5333

Galloway Children’s Center
Galloway Children's Center is a Christian Child Care program. The Center is a broad-based ministry which seeks to enhance its program and enrich the lives of the families involved through related programs of education and care. The Center emphasizes five interrelated areas which are important for the growth of the whole child: intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Galloway Children’s Center follows guidelines set by the National Association of Education of Young Children.
Galloway Children's Center | 305 N. Congress Street | 601-360-1792

Little Acorns Child Development Center
Little Acorns Child Development Center has been caring for Jackson’s children since 1990. Little Acorns is located in the McCoy Federal Building but is not exclusively for federal employees. The Center focuses on the whole child approach to learning and care so all the lead teachers have degrees in the field of Early Childhood Education and use the Creative Curriculum as a guide for their academic program. Little Acorns’ teachers are all fulltime employees who spend the entire day with their class.
Little Acorns Child Development Center | 100 W. Capitol Street | 601-965-4999