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Walking Tour 2

An area gifted with a rich cultural heritage and history, there is much to see in Downtown Jackson. Beautiful architecture and elegantly restored buildings add to the character of Downtown. Take a walk and explore Downtown Jackson with Walking Tour 2 and try Walking Tour 1 when you are finished.


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1.  Lamar Life Building
The Lamar Life Building is Jackson’s first skyscraper. It was built 1924-25 in the Gothic Revival style and was constructed under the direction of W.C. Welty, father of Eudora Welty.

2.  St. Andrews Episcopal Cathedral
St. Andrews Cathedral was built in the Gothic Revival style and was completed in 1903. The cathedral is a perfect complement to the adjacent Lamar Life Building.

3.  The Governor’s Mansion
This national historic landmark has housed Mississippi’s first families since 1842. The mansion was built in the Greek Revival style to the designs of William Nichols. It is the second oldest continuously occupied governor’s mansion in the U.S.

4.  Smith Park
Smith Park is the only park left from the original city plan. It was first landscaped in 1884 with money given to the city by James Smith. Smith lived in Jackson in the 1830s-50s but returned to Scotland to make a fortune in the stove business.

5.  Mississippi Association of Educators Building
Built in the Neo-Georgian Style, the building was completed in 1929. On each gable there is a “Lamp of Knowledge”.

6.  Bishop Galloway House
The Bishop Galloway House was built for Bishop Charles Betts Galloway in 1889. It has an eclectic late nineteenth century style with a Mansard roof on its tower.

7.  The Original First Baptist Church
This is the oldest religious structure in Jackson. It was built in 1843-44 in the Greek Revival Style.

8.  Galloway Memorial Methodist Church
The church was completed in 1915 in the Neoclassical Revival style and was designed by R.H. Hunt of Chattanooga, TN.

9.  New State Capitol
The New State Capitol was built in 1903 at a total cost of one million dollars. The Capitol was constructed in the Beaux Arts style and was restored in the mid 1980s for approximately nineteen million dollars. It lies on the site of the original State Penitentiary.

10. First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church has one of the largest congregations in Mississippi and the Southern Baptist Convention. The church possesses a long history dating as far back as 1838.

11. Mississippi Supreme Court Building
The new Mississippi Supreme Court Building was recently completed in 2008.

12. Millsaps Buie House
The house was built in 1888 as the residence of Major Reuben Webster Millsaps, a founder of Millsaps College. It was the City of Jackson’s first bed-and-breakfast style luxury inn.

13. Eudora Welty Library
The Welty Library is the main library of the City of Jackson, and it houses the Mississippi Writers Room and Collection, a tribute to Mississippi writers.

14. Old Capitol Inn
The building was constructed in 1951 and was converted from a YWCA to a hotel and began operation in 1996. This boutique hotel contains twenty-four rooms, a beautiful courtyard area and is a popular Downtown lunch spot.

15. Standard Oil Company Building
The Standard Oil Company Building was built circa 1925 in the Italian Renaissance Style.

16. Mississippi Department of Archives and History
MDAH, established in 1902, is the second oldest department of archives and history in the United States. In 2003, a new building for the department was completed.

17. Mississippi Fairgrounds & Farmers’ Market
The Fairgrounds host major conventions, trade and public shows, balls, banquets, circuses, rodeos, livestock shows, basketball games and ice shows.

18. War Memorial Building
Designed by E.L. Malvaney in the Art Deco style and built in 1940 as a tribute to Mississippi veterans. Several veterans associations and a military museum are located in the building. A replica of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is located in the courtyard.

19. The Old Capitol
This landmark was designed by William Nichols who immigrated to North Carolina from England in the early 19th Century and served as the state architect. The Greek Revival style building was completed in 1840. It served as the state capitol from 1839-1903 and is currently the state historical museum.

20. Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad Depot
Built in 1927, the depot was the former home of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History Historic Preservation Division.

21. Elks Club Building
It was built in 1910 as a lodge hall for the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. This Neoclassical Revival building now houses an apartment, art gallery and restaurant/bar.

22. Central Fire Station
Originally built as the Central Fire Station, the building currently houses the Greater Jackson Chamber of Commerce. It was built in 1905 and served as the fire station for seventy years.

23. City Hall
City Hall is one of the few antebellum buildings to survive the burning of Jackson and was built, approximately, in 1847. The building received its present appearance in 1853 and has served as City Hall ever since. The Congress Street façade is the rear of the building; this portico was added in the 1920s. The original portico faces President Street, and City Hall used to house an Odd Fellows Hall and still houses a Masonic Lodge.

24. Hinds County Courthouse
C.H. Lindsley designed this building which was constructed in 1930. The wings were added in the mid 1980s. The building’s roof statuary showcases two great law givers, Moses and Socrates.