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City of Jackson Department of Planning and Development        
The City of Jackson Department of Planning and Development is the economic development arm of the City. The department performs site plan reviews and issues permits and licenses. The department provides information on local economic development tools and incentives and oversees zoning issues.
City of Jackson Department of Planning and Development | 200 S. President Street | 601-960-1993

Greater Jackson Alliance
The Greater Jackson Alliance is a regional alliance organized to develop and implement a marketing strategy to promote Greater Jackson. The Alliance provides demographics and tax information for the Greater Jackson Area, and they provide information on various local and state economic development tools.
Greater Jackson Alliance | 201 S. President Street | 601-948-3111

Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership
The Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership is an economic and community development organization for the Greater Jackson area with 2,100 members representing more than 200,000 employees. The Chamber fosters economic growth and works to improve the quality of life in the Greater Jackson area by facilitation and providing leadership to businesses, organizations, government entities or other interested citizens.
Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership | 201 S. President Street | 601-948-7575

Hinds County Economic Development Authority
The Hinds County Economic Development Authority serves as the economic development agency for Hinds County. The Authority utilizes two main economic development methodologies to create new jobs and building wealth in the local economy; new business recruitment and expansion and/or retention of local firms.
Hinds County Economic Development Authority | 909 N. Presdient Street | 601-353-6056

Mississippi Development Authority
The Mississippi Development Authority is the state’s lead economic and community development agency. The agency works to recruit new businesses to the state and expand existing industry and business. The agency provides technical assistance and economic development tools to businesses.
Mississippi Development Authority | 501 N. West Street | 601-359-3449

Hinds County Site Selector Tool
The Hinds County Economic Development Authority Site Selector Tool is an Internet mapping application designed to allow users to easily obtain information concerning map products available on Hinds County. The Site Selector Tool provides demographics for various locations within Hinds County.