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Office Market & Parking

Nearly 39% of the office space in the region is located Downtown. Great restaurants, office supply stores and other services help to support a daytime population of over 30,000. And at an average rental rate of more than a dollar less per square foot, you get more for your money Downtown than anywhere else in the metro area.


  • Size in Square Feet: 7,530,790
  • Average Rental Rate:  $17.92
  • Occupancy Rate: 79%


  • Size in Square Feet: 2,899,534
  • Average Rental Rate: $16.44
  • Occupancy Rate: 67%


Plentiful, convenient, affordable—those are the words that describe parking in Downtown.

  • 10,000: the number of places to park, between street parking, lots, and garages, in Downtown
  • 50 cents: the cost per hour of metered parking in Downtown, lower than in comparable cities
  • 36 cents: the average cost per hour of contract parking in Downtown, much lower than in comparable cities

Statistic derived from CBRE Jackson 2015.